Ayurveda is the oldest system of health care in the world and those who follow me know I talk (a lot) about how it improves the quality of life by correcting our tissue quality and by reducing age-related tissue degeneration. Rasayana is the treatment used for the rejuvenation and regeneration of tissues at a cellular level and these treatments are perfect for those of us who want a youthful looking complexion, to feel more beautiful and generally lack vitality.

There are two main reasons for this treatment: one is to help someone who is fighting illness to get well again and the other is help one enjoy enhanced vitality, immunity, and mindfulness.

This treatment is what we are focussing on here and it starts with a two-week process of cleansing to remove toxins.   This is done by preparing the body through Snehanam, which involves making the body unctuous (or oily) internally and externally, and through Swedanam which means therapeutic sweating. Afterward, Shodhana (or elimination) is done via appropriate Panchakarma techniques.

Once this has been carried out the Rasayana rejuvenation treatment can start along with prescribed herbal medicines and the management of your diet.

The process has amazing results in that the degeneration of body cells is completely stopped and your immunity and well-being are increased.  The treatment is so effective that it actually helps to maintain your wellbeing and keep you free from disease at any age.

Your Rasayana Treatment Process includes

Your Rasayana Treatment Process includes

Whilst you will be required to follow these steps below during your treatment, it is also crucial that you ensure that the mind-body connection is present – this is very important to living a healthy life.

If ones’ mind is not at rest or in a calm place we tend to be more irritable and therefore get upset quickly.

When you get upset or angry, your body temperature increases while it decreases when you are sad.

With these changes in temperature happening sometimes many times throughout the day, the body undergoes a constant physical alteration. Therefore, it is important that we know how to handle our mind and thoughtfulness since it has a major adverse impact on your body.

Pranayama Yoga and meditation can teach you how to handle your mind better. These techniques help you gain control over your energy levels and in turn, help you to deal with your mental and emotional levels.  Find a meditation here to start calming your mind.

Step 1

Three factors contribute to healthy living with Rasayana.

Diagnosis is the first step.  As with all our other treatments, it is necessary that we determine your Doshas (or body constitution).  This enables us to give an immediate diagnosis and accordingly arrive at a course of treatment.  No treatments can commence without this information.

Step 2

You can start your treatment – which will be based on the results from the outcome of your Dosha test.  We begin by preparing the body for the removal of toxins via two methods namely Snehan (oil therapy) – where the body is cleared internally and externally and

Swedanam where the body undergoes therapeutic sweating. This is an herbal steaming therapy followed by a massage. Swedanam is a process of perspiration and induces sweat from the body. This method detoxifies the body by removing toxins from the body. It helps to reduce excess body fat and relieves body stiffness.

Snehanam – is the next step (internal oil) – The body is made oily internally through drinking of medicated ghee (clarified butter). This helps to loosen and move the toxins towards the gastrointestinal tract. Medicated ghee consumed over 3-7 days with increasing dosage according to your personalised prescription used with a restricted diet is called Achapanam.

The intake of medicated ghee with the normal diet is called Vicharana. We recommend that Achapanam is mostly followed.

The body is then massaged with medicated oil to make it oily externally. This treatment also aids in the removal of toxins.

The Cleansing and Elimination stage – Shodana-anti – Shodanam means elimination. In Rasayana, the shodanam involves a remedial system to cure chronic diseases and long-term ailments through the cleansing of the body. Through Shodana the toxic deposits are removed.

You may also be prescribed Therapeutic massaging during the process.  This is carried out with warm pouches containing different herbs and medicinal leaves. This helps reduce inflammation in the body and to strengthen muscles.

The therapeutic treatments are supported by special internal herbal medicines.

Step 3

Rejuvenation stage.  This is the third and final stage of the Rasayana. Moderate, remedial and rejuvenating treatments are given to the patient to maintain the beneficial effects of the whole cleansing procedure. The right diet and lifestyle are also prescribed by the physician in order to maintain the benefits of the treatment.