About Ayurveda

About Ashish Paul

Ashish Paul is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Physician, recognised by the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (APA) and a Registered Yoga (Pranayama) Teacher.  It is Ashish’s intention to teach you to honour the mind-body-spirit connection with balancing, natural therapies that treat root causes,
not just symptoms.  

Ashish’s practice is focused on preventative healthcare through maintaining a connection to nature with food, lifestyle, and seasonal practices. Ashish leads Ayurvedic workshops, gives public talks, and facilitates day and residential retreats.
Having been inspired by her clients’ different healing journies and an instilled passion for health and wellness Ashish came to the UK with the intention to bring this wonderful institution and centuries old Ayurvedic process, to us westerners, to show that we can prevent disease and maintain optimum health 100% effectively and naturally, without the need for prescription medicine.  Ashish’s very foundation is centred around this.

The bulk of her Ayurvedic training was at the Ayurvedic College in India where she completed her BAMS, studying for five and a half years to become an Ayurvedic physician.  Ashish has also acted on a consultancy basis setting up clinics in India and most recently founded a treatment centre in Switzerland in Europe.

Ashish has also studied and is an expert in herbal medicine (studied here in the UK at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine), offers pulse diagnosis treatments and continues to study and teach Pranayama Yoga. Most recently Ashish completed an NLP Master Practitioner course offering techniques for use with Ayurvedic practices which aid and facilitate coping with stress.

Ashish is dedicated to Ayurveda and wants us all to know how to truly live in harmony, within ourselves and the environments we live in. Ashish is currently seeing clients at her clinics in London, India and Switzerland as well as teaching in Paris with the EAA – European Ayurvedic Academy and Ahimsa Centre where she is part of the teaching faculty.

As a Herbalist and Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Ashish supports people in their diet, lifestyle, and well-being to achieve optimal vibrancy and health naturally.  To contact Ashish to inquire about speaking engagements or to have her advise on a consultancy basis please contact us.