What is your Dosha? Take our test.

What is your Dosha?  Take our test.

What’s unique about Ayurveda is that it categorises people according to three basic “types,” called doshas. These are based on the five elements (air, space, fire, earth, and water), and have to do with certain physical and mental characteristics.

How is this relevant in anti-aging or skin care?  Well, you can use your knowledge of your dosha type to care for your skin, in Ayurvedic medicine, it’s all about balance, so if your skin is dry, you balance it with moisture.

When you discover your type, you will gain insight into how you react to the world. You also discover where your body may be vulnerable to weakness and disease, what your mental strengths are, and even the unique ways your skin behaves.

Take the test and find your dosha here

Once you think you know your dosha, read the following descriptions and see if it still sounds right. Keep in mind that all of us have some characteristics from each dosha, but one is usually dominant. Many people, however, may find that they are a fairly equal combination of two.


Kapha, meaning the combination of water and earth, dominates childhood. Moisture, stickiness, You are affectionate, emotional and carefree. You get attached easily, you cry quickly.

As you grow older, you travel through the phase of Pitta, which is made up of water and fire. You are ambitious, energetic, in your prime. You can generally eat and experiment with most foods, your digestion is completely developed.

Then you enter the phase of Vata, which is made up of air and space. You’re less fluid in your movements. You’re tired, more light headed more often, there can be health issues especially digestive. You can’t eat what you used, for, your digestion is challenged. Feeling cold, drained, dry skin, painful joints, restlessness, forgetfulness and anxiety are also signs that Vata is making its presence known.

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